Dues & Event Pass

Pay 2020 dues Here

Kishahtek Lodge Dues are $15.00 this year, and if you completed your ordeal before 2020, you owe 2020 dues.

The Lodge flap signifies that you are an active member of the order of the arrow, and have paid your dues for that given year. So, if you wear your flap, you should pay your dues.

To attend any events or receive any Awards and/or Honors in the order of the arrow you must be considered a member in "good standing". To be in good standing your dues have to be up to date.

The Event pass pays for:

Dues: $15

Spring, Summer, Fall Event Participation fee: $60 ($20 per event)

Winter Banquet Event Participation fee: $25

Annual Patch Set cost: $20

That's $120 worth of Kishahtek events and patches for $80! A savings of $40!

General Info:

The event pass can be applied to any lodge event, where it will take off the $20 participation fee ($25 for the Winter Banquet). The event pass does not cover late fee's.

You will have to come to an event to pick up your annual patch set